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As we embark on our fundraising campaign, we aim to shed light on the profound influence rugby has on the development of our players, coaches, and local communities, and we sincerely hope for your valuable support in this endeavor.

Your support will play a pivotal role in our pursuit of excellence, as we aim to become the premier rugby club in Guanajuato. 


Empower Every Play, Support Every Dream.

Your support will play a pivotal role in our pursuit of excellence, as we aim to become the premier rugby club in Guanajuato. Presently, we are entirely self-funded, lacking any financial assistance from the state or local government. This financial constraint, unfortunately, impacts our players, including those who have been selected for Mexico’s National Team, who face partial funding for their endeavors. By partnering with us, you can enable deserving players to access opportunities and resources that will empower them to reach their potential on and off the field.


In the Heart of the Game – Where Every Moment Counts.


With select sponsorship tiers, we provide an array of promotional opportunities. This includes featuring your company logo on our game jerseys and displaying banners during both home and away games. Moreover, your brand will find its place on our team’s website, official emails, and commemorative T-shirts.




Your Brand, Their Battleground – Where Legends Are Forged.


By joining hands with us, you’re not merely sponsoring a team; you’re aligning with an emerging sports movement in the Bajío-Occidente area. This partnership offers a golden chance for mutual growth. While your support will be instrumental in propelling us towards our ambition of becoming the top rugby club in the region, we’re equally committed to ensuring this association brings you valuable brand visibility.

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The impact of your sponsorship extends far beyond the tangible benefits of business exposure and client entertainment. By supporting us, you become a vital part of nurturing local talent and providing top-notch playing facilities. This commitment goes a long way in fostering a strong community spirit and promoting healthy, active lifestyles among our young players.

Your partnership means empowering these young athletes with more than just financial support; it’s about contributing to their growth, both on and off the field. It’s an investment in their future and in the vibrancy of our community. We believe that together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these aspiring sportsmen and women.

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