• All referees will meet at 9:30  AM at registration table.
  • Referees will be located in the tent between the two teams. At least three referees need to be ready at all times.
  • Referees will rotate through each game.
  • All referees are responsible for ensuring their game is kept on schedule
  • Referees will meet with their scheduled team captains to flip the coin for field choice and give instructions during the previous games half time.
  • Each team will provide one lines person to help referee for their game.
  • If a team fails to be ready to start the game at the scheduled time then that team forfeits that specific game.
  • Once a game is completed the referee will immediately present their game information to the registration table.
  • There will be 4 minutes between games.  So teams and referees need to be ready.
  • Water and food will be available for all referees all day and for 3 quarter.
  • After the tournament all referees will return their jersey to the registration table.


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